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5 Different Types of Writing Help You Can Get Online

Thanks to the increasing shift of commerce to the internet, today you can get virtually all the products and services that you seek online. Writing services are among the most sought after on the internet. Why? People are always looking for fresh, high-quality content to help grow their blogs, attract more customers to their online stores, improve their academic performance, or help them get their dream jobs (by hiring experts to write them great job applications).

This post explores some of the writing services students seek out and where they can get them online.


Essays are a staple assignment in all levels of education. From middle school to high school, and college, there is always an essay to write. However, writing an excellent essay is no easy feat. You need excellent writing skills, a knack for creativity, an in-depth understanding of the topic, and good command of the writing language (English, German, French, and so forth). Due to these reasons and those not mentioned here, online essay writing services have become quite popular with students across all educational levels. Throughout the school terms or college semesters, you will find students enlisting help from professional essay writers.

is one of the popular essay help websites. This site offers professional essay assistance to students whenever they are in need. It has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to navigate. There is an easy-to-see Chat board and phone number on the site to help you get in touch with their support managers. Students from top universities in the UK widely use RoyalEssays. Nonetheless, it also serves students from other parts of the world.

The main service on this platform is custom essay writing from scratch. This means that you only have to state your essay topic, the date you want your completed piece, the word count, and other related instructions. After that, your essay is assigned to a writer who matches your education level and subject.  Aside from essay writing, RoyalEssays also offers essay rewriting, editing, and proofreading services. Some of the key selling points about RoyalEssays
are- affordable prices (12% cheaper than the average market price), help with GNVQ, GCSE, A2, A-Level, Undergraduate, and Masters essays, over 10 years in the market, and a high client satisfaction rate (over 92%). You can also download free samples of essays written by their writers to get an idea of what you can expect from them.

On placing your order, you are guaranteed on-time delivery of your essay, confidentiality of the correspondence, free revisions of your work even weeks past the deadline, 100% original work, and your money back if you dispute the essay on substantial grounds.

All in all, iv drugs without prescription. RoyalEssays
is a decent place to get essay help. Since inception, the company has grown to offer assistance with other writing tasks such as personal statements, coursework, dissertations, and case studies.


Essays are not the only academic tasks students need help with. There are many other assignments students tackle in their academic life. Coursework, calculations (in subjects such as Math, Physics, and Accounting), case studies, term papers, PowerPoint presentations, lab reports, and proposals are some examples of other assignments students brush with every day. Since these academic tasks are of varying complexity, students approach them differently. For the easy and doable tasks, many students dive straight in and tackle them. However, complicated tasks are hard for students to do on their own. As a proactive student, the smart decision should be to look for online assignment help from a good company.

Established in 2009, GradeMiners is one of the renowned assignment help services online that can offer you quick assistance (in as little as 5 hours). At any time, there are hundreds of assignment helpers online ready to assist you. To know how much a particular assignment will cost you, you can fill out a guided online order form on their home page to get a free price quote. GradeMiners
holds a 4.9/5 rating based on written and video reviews by customers. There is a Live Chat feature on the website to help you communicate your queries and concerns to their staff.

assignment writing services are predominantly for students in the US. The site is organized into a writers’ team, customer experience staff, customer support team, and an editing outfit. You can find a wide range of services on this platform including solutions to Math problems, help with multiple choice questions, assistance with capstone projects, creating PowerPoint presentations and notes, writing book reports, writing case studies, help with coursework, article writing, literature reviews, proofreading, editing, paraphrasing, and many more.

Students can get help with assignments from high school through to Ph.D. level on GradeMiners. Some of the salient features of this site include the ability to pick your preferred assignment writer, professional team of writers, real-time customer feedback, and a subject-specific writing team with a specialty in over 50 disciplines.

stands out from other assignment help providers because of its automated features. First, it has a citation generator that helps you generate citations in MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, AMA, ACS, ASA, and other writing styles. These citations can be for sources such as websites, e-books, books, journals, podcasts, films, newspapers, interviews, and more. Creating a citation for your work using this feature is free, and you get the citation straight to your email.

Another automated feature on this site is the free title page generator which helps you generate a title for your paper in various writing styles. Finally, there is a plagiarism checker to help you to identify instances of plagiarism in your document. Its drag and drop feature allows you to quickly check your work against billions of other works on the web. For a more advanced plagiarism check, you can upload your document a custom report in just 3 hours. The report details where your text is similar to other works, where you have not cited your sources well, and gives your work a plagiarism score.

For quality help across multiple academic tasks, GradeMiners takes the cake. You can take advantage of the different discount and bonus programs. For instance, new customers can enjoy discounts on their first orders while regular customers get bonuses on subsequent orders. Impressive, right?


Dissertations or theses refer to university research papers required for the award of Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees. Writing a dissertation by yourself can take several months. You must gather relevant data, analyze it, and make the necessary conclusions. After that, you need to put down all these procedures in paper coherently. More so, you have to format your work in line with the specified writing and referencing style. As you can tell, this task is quite taxing especially if you have other responsibilities such as attending classes, studying for exams, working, taking care of family, and so forth.

Due to these reasons, the majority of students seek help from dissertation writing companies. GuruDissertation arimidex vs nolvadex. exclusively caters for MBA, MA, and Ph.D. students with dissertation trouble. They offer customized dissertation help to students in all subject areas and gives a 15% discount on your first order. Moreover, they have a toll-free number which means that you can call them and make your inquiries at any time. Getting in touch with their support team is also facilitated by an easy-to-spot Chat service on their website.

Serving a vast student base from universities across the UK, GuruDissertation has become synonymous with making the life of university students easier. How? By providing dissertation help when the student needs it most. Writers on this site can write your dissertation from the beginning, take over when you get stuck, proofread it to ensure it is free of grammatical errors, format it to the required writing style, rewrite it to eliminate plagiarism or give you tips for writing a proper dissertation.

Aside from writing services, you can also order for dissertation samples. You can study these examples to get ideas on how to- conduct research, format your paper, write different sections of a dissertation, and cite your sources. Moving on from matters samples, GuruDissertation also provides dissertation topics in areas such as accounting, marketing, IT, statistics, human resources, management, finance, business law, to name a few.

Some of the unique features about GuruDissertation include- original and mistake-free dissertations, direct cooperation with writers, in-depth professional research before writing, and writers from native English countries. The price of your dissertation is determined by factors such as the type of service you want, the length of your paper, the urgency, and the academic level. GuruDissertation is worth a try if you are struggling with your dissertation for any reason.


In the past, resumes served to show the places that one had worked. However, resumes have since evolved and become more of marketing tools that job seekers use to sell their unique abilities and experiences. Today, job seekers are not just graduates seeking full-time employment.  Students have also been forced to join the job hunt and earn cash to make ends meet. The available jobs are significantly fewer than the number of job seekers. Therefore, recruiters go for applicants who best sell themselves in their resumes.

Since better resumes are directly linked to increased chances of getting hired, there is an increasing demand for professional resume writers. Companies such as Skill-roads
have since come up to avail professional resume writing services to students and graduates alike. With a competent US-based team of accredited writers, Skill-roads
creates exceptional cover letters and resumes that beat employers’ Applicant Tracking Systems. These resumes can come in quite handy for a student who is looking for a job but lacks the necessary industry experience to compete with qualified job seekers. You can also hire them to get a resume when you are applying for an internship.

also focuses on other services such as LinkedIn profile building and editing, resume editing, cover letter editing, and creating all-in-one job applications. Basing on reviews by customers, Skill-roads comes off as an ideal resume builder to help as you start and build your career. The pricing of resumes at Skill-roads
is friendly to students. All customers are eligible for a 10% discount when they order for any services on the site. Everybody needs a professional resume writer to bring out their strengths. Skill-roads is an ideal choice as an excess of 800 employers endorses it.


To this point, we have covered the places where you can get help with your writing tasks in English. But what if you need any of the discussed services in another language? For instance, where can you get help with your thesis or essay in let’s say, German? is an excellent academic writing company for students looking for essay and thesis help in the German language.

Aside from professional writing assistance, there are other impressive advantages to using the services on this site. For one, you can pay for your task in installments. Paying through this arrangement can make a whole lot of difference for a student living on a budget. The site employs over 500 writers who are qualified in various academic fields. From the feedback section, one can quickly decipher the quality of their services. Writers on this platform can handle orders across various levels of education such as Bachelors and Masters. You can access samples of their work to help you decide whether you should hire them or not. Feel free to check out to get a satisfactory thesis or essay in German.


With the hectic life of today’s college student, it is hard to do without writing services. You just need to know or retain an excellent writing service that you can turn to for help with any form of writing. Key things to look for when picking a writing service are- customer reviews, years of operation, and their customer guarantees. All in all, the services discussed here are among the best in their areas of specialization.